{ vii }
We are grateful to the Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace,
Queen’s University (CLCW) for sponsoring the Weber Symposium which
provided the foundation for the essays appearing in this volume. Kevin
Banks and Brian Etherington were valuable co-members of the commit-
tee that put together the symposium program, and gave helpful advice in
assembling and editing this volume. Queen’s Law students Dayna Lubelski,
Jason Paquette and Alyssa Jagt supplied us with enthusiastic logistical
support and skilled research assistance at various stages of the sympo-
sium and publication projects. Thanks to the library sta at Queen’s Law
and the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Univer-
sity of Toronto, for their assistance in the editing process. Thank s also to
David Mackenzie, a man with a sharp eye for a typo. And a specia l thank
you to Natalie Moniz-Henne, CLCW administrative assistant, whose pa-
tience and expertise made a major contribution to the smooth running
of the symposium.
We are indebted to the symposium attendees, whose participation in
both formal and informal discussions over the symposium weekend con-
tributed useful insights which our contributors have put to good use in
revising their draft papers. In addition, we thank the anonymous peer re-
viewers who generously contributed their time and expertise to improv-
ing the quality of the nished product.
We also acknowledge with gratitude the nancial support provided
by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada for
both the symposium and the publication of this volume.

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