AuthorCraig Forcese
is book represents a synthesis of past academic scholarship updated
to reect modern developments in national security review. I repro-
duce, with modications, modest portions of past scholarly work
while also oering new research. Since writing these materials, I have
participated in national security review. at work as a review profes-
sional has aected how I perceive democratic regulation of the security
services. However, this book does not refer to, nor depend in any way,
on any classied information or any information not already in the
public domain. It also bears noting that my positions in this book
are my own and do not reect those of the institutions I am aliated
with, including the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency
A book is a village. I am grateful for the many conversations with
colleagues in government and academia who have inuenced my
thinking. I want to thank especially Kent Roach and Leah West for
our scholarly partnerships over the years and for their support in let-
ting me build on our past work in this book. A huge thank you also
to Stephanie Carvin, who set aside her own scholarly projects to go
through every chapter in this book and make it better. As always, my
warm thanks to the crack team at Irwin Law, especially Je Miller and
Lesley Steeve for their support of this project. anks also to Leanne

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