AuthorC. Ian Kyer
F,   thank Ashley Newell, a talented musician who
had raced at the RCYC and who happened to grow up in
Aurora near the farmhouse to which Jarvis retired. Ashley
has developed a fascination with Aemilius Jarvis and maintains a
blog and a Twitter feed about Jarvis and the many facets of his life.
After Mary Stokes brought Ashley to my attention, he and I met and
regularly exchanged emails. He became a volunteer researcher for the
book. His research in the Library and Archives Canada and elsewhere
has been of immense value.
I must also thank the Pepall family, especially John T. Pepall and
Laura Thomae, who provided much useful information about A.H.
and Harry Pepall, as well as copies of family photos and letters that
Andrew Pepall wrote to his wife during his London trip with Jarvis
and later during his various incarcerations.
I was fortunate to be able to present a paper about the Ontario
Bond Scandal to a session of the Osgoode Society Legal History Work-
shop, a regular gathering of those working in the area of legal history.
The suggestions and comments of the attendees, especially those of
Mary Stokes and professors Jim Phillips, Philip Girard, and Arnold
Weinrib, were most helpful.

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