AuthorC. Ian Kyer
L   on the origins of the Toronto Transit Commis-
sion,1 this book began with a request from Robert Fraser that
I write an entry for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography
(DCB). Robert asked if I would write a short biography of Aemilius
Jarvis. He has often looked to me for the biographies of lawyers or
businesspeople, and in the case of Jarvis, he was seeking a biography
of a businessman who had become embroiled in a legal proceeding.
He said that he was particularly interested in how I would handle the
Ontario Bond Scandal. I knew of Aemilius Jarvis but almost nothing
of that scandal. I associated Aemilius Jarvis with two people I had
known and admired: Kenneth Jarvis and Roger Wilson.
I assumed incorrectly that Ken Jarvis was a relative of Aemilius. I
had met Ken when I was doing research at Osgoode Hall for my book
on Caesar Wright and legal education in Ontario.2 He was then sec-
retary of the Law Society of Upper Canada.3 When I explained that I
wanted to tell the story of how Wright had transformed legal educa-
tion in Ontario, Ken was kind enough to set me up in a boardroom
and arrange for me to have access to the relevant Law Society f‌iles.
I worked on those f‌iles for several weeks. One interaction with Ken
stands out in my memory. I had gone down to the locked room in the
basement of Osgoode Hall, where the f‌iles were kept. I noticed a large,

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