AuthorLesley A. Jacobs
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is book has its origins in t wo distinct research projects I car ried out while
serving as di rector of the York Centre for Public Policy and Law (YCPPL),
a research centre housed jointly at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Fac-
ulty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, York University. One project,
funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
(SSHRC) as part of the SSHRC President’s Initiative on Research on the
Digital Economy, focused on mapping the complex privacy protection land-
scape in Canada. e other project, funded by the Oce of the Privac y
Commissioner of Canada, was a detai led study of the legal consciousness of
certain marginalized groups in Ca nada with regard to their privacy rights
mobilization. e original empirica l legal studies ndings, as well as the
policy research presented in this book, stem from the combination of these
two projec ts.
e broader framing of this project as one about legal problems and
access to justice stems from two other SSHRC projects in which I remain
immersed. One is the ongoing SSHRC Asia Pacic Dispute Resolution
Project, a major collaborative research initiative (MCRI) housed original-
ly at the Institute for Asian Research but now at the Faculty of Law at the
University of British Columbia. For a decade now, I have led the Canada
Team of Researchers on that project. e project has profoundly shaped
how I see legal consciousness research as a component of dispute resolu-
tion and of addressing legal problems. I am especially grateful to Pitman
Potter, Ilan Vertinsky, Sarah Biddulph, and Ljiljana Biukovic for their end-
less engagement and long-time friendship. e other project is e Cost
of Justice: Weighing the Costs of Fair and Eective Resolution to Legal
Problems, conducted by the Canadia n Forum on Civil Justice (CFCJ) and

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