Appendix 3: Online PHIPA Resources

AuthorHalyna N. Perun; Michael Orr; Fannie Dimitriadis
Material related to PHIPA can be found at a number of online sources, the
most important of which are, at the time of writing:
Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner website, online: .
This site contains considerable explanatory material on PHIPA and is expect-
ed to be a source for ongoing material, including copies of orders made under
PHIPA. The material on this site related to the Ontario public sector privacy
legislation is also sometimes useful in interpreting PHIPA obligations.
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website, online:>.
This site includes materials that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
has developed to help inform both the public and health sector stakeholders
about both PHIPA and QCIPA. In the past, the Ministry has also used this
site to post a notice of proposed regulations. For the broadest range of mate-
rials, be sure to access the part of the site identified for “health care providers.”
Both of the sites above contain a link to the Ontario Hospital Association’s PHIPA
Privacy Toolkit1and QCIPA Toolkit,2which can be accessed directly, along with
various other privacy-related material, online: .
1 Ontario Hospital Association, Hospital Privacy Toolkit: Guide to the Ontario Personal
Health Information Protection Act (Toronto: Ontario Hospital Association, 2004).
2 Ontario Hospital Association, Quality of Care Information Protection Act Toolkit(Toron-
to: Ontario Hospital Association, 2004).
Appendix 3:
Online PHIPA Resources

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