AuthorShelagh Day/Lucie Lamarche
Aborigin al peoples
First Nations Child an d Family Caring
Society of Cana da v Canada (At-
torney Gene ral), 59
food secur ity issues of, De Sc hut-
ter’s comments on, 22
human rig hts concerns rega rding,
35, 73, 75, 84, 104 , 369
racial pro ling of, 37, 46–49, 228,
311, 312, 349
Saskatche wan Human Rig hts Tri-
bunal (SHRC) on, 145
Access to Informat ion Act, 62
Accessibility for Ont arians with Dis-
abilities Act, 378
Accessibility Standard, 108–9
Act respecting L abour Standards. See
Québec Labour Standards Act
Action trava il des femmes, 4 4–45
Action travail des f emmes v Canadian
National Railway Company, 43
Advanced Human Rights Leade rship and
Professional Practice Conference,
Armative action programs
establis hment of, 95, 98, 107
La Ronge meeti ng to establish
standa rds for, 103–4
Saskatchewan Human Rights Code
gives commi ssion power to
order, 102
Saskatche wan, implementat ion in,
African-Americans. See Blacks
African-Canadians. See Blacks
Alberta Human Rights A ct, 126
Albert a Human Right s Commission, 32
Allia nce Against Se xual Coercion
members’ work, 220
prole in Ms. on campa ign to
eradicate se xual haras sment in
Boston, 213–14
sexual h arassment, the oretical
analysi s of, 220–21
Alternative d ispute resolution (ADR)
forms of, 157
human rig hts systems i n Canada,
use by, 130, 200
Human Rig hts Tribunal of Ont ario,
implementat ion by, 187
movement of 1980s, 130
objections to, 132
problems caused f or judges and
litigation s ystem by, 163–64, 167
viable alter native to judici al deci-
sions, as, 378–79
Ambrose, Rona , 21
Amiel, Ba rbara, 223
Amnesty International
2011 amendment pr ocess of Sas-
katchewan Human Rights C ode,
criticis m of, 150

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