Selected Readings

AuthorShelagh Day, Lucie Lamarche & Ken Norman
Azmi, Sha heen, Lorne Foster, & Lesley Jacobs, eds. B alancing Competing
Human Rights Claims in Diverse Societ ies: Institutions, Policy, Principles
(Toronto: Irwin Law, 2012).
Backhouse, Cons tance, & Leah Cohen. The Secre t Oppression: Sexual
Harassment of Working Women (Toronto: Macmil lan, 1978).
Cornish, Ma ry, Fay Faraday, & Jo-Anne Pickel. E nforcing Human Rights in
Ontario (Aurora, ON: Canad a Law Book, 2009).
Howe, R Brian & David John son. Restraining Equality: Human Rights
Commissions in Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2000).
Langer, Rosan na. “Publics and Counter-Publics: Explor ing the
Contested Nature of t he Public Interest in Domest ic Human Rights
Administration” in Symposium Proceedings, Values, Ethics and the
Public Sector: How to Ser ve the Public Interest? (Ottawa: St. Paul
University Cent re for Ethics, 2006).
MacKinnon , Catharine A. Sex ual Harassment of Working Women (New
Haven, CT: Yale University Press , 1979).
Nightinga le, Eithne, & Richard Sa ndell, eds. Museums , Equality and
Social Justice (L ondon: Routledge, 2012).
Tarnopolsky, Walter Surma. T he Canadian Bill of Rights (Toronto,
Car swe ll, 19 66).

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