AuthorRichard Moon
ProfessionFaculty of Law, University of Windsor
Adler v Ontario, 171–76
Alberta v Hutterian Brethren of Wilson
County, 94–99
Autonomy of religious organizations. See
Religious organizations, autonomy
Big M Drug Mart, R v, 12, 16–19, 26–29
Bruker v Marcovitz, 153–57
Catholic schools. See Separate schools
Ceremonial weapons, Multani v Commis-
sion scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys,
Chamberlain v Surrey School District No
36, 56–61
Charter of Rights and Freedoms
balancing competing interests,
balancing different rights under, 101
constitutional entrenchment, 9, 10
judicial interpretation of section 2(a),
10–11, 16–17, 199
freedom of conscience, 186–88
R v Big M Drug Mart, 12, 16–19,
protected rights, 9–10
separate schools, relationship, 164–68
other religious schools, 171–76
Children, 177–85
custody and access, 182–85
harmful religious practices, 179–82
medical treatment, 179–82
parents’ rights, 177–78
Civic forums
ceremonial deism, 44
Quebec Charter of Values, 118–24
religious practices, 34–37
ecumenical practices, 37–38, 44
legislative immunity, 36–37
religious symbols, 40, 118–25
Clothing and dress. See also Religious
civil servants, 118–25
European headscarf debate, 125–28
kirpans, Multani v Commission scolaire
Marguerite-Bourgeoys, 93–94
niqab worn by witness, R v NS, 101–5
Quebec Charter of Values, 118–24, 128
religious character, 120–21
Conflict between religion and law, balan-
cing, 128–34
Conscientious objection, 190–91. See
also Freedom of conscience
military service, 193–97
Contractual relations, enforcement. See
Religious contracts, enforcement

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