Preface to the First Book

AuthorJoseph Rikhof
   
The book you see before you has been in the making for over twenty
years. The issue of criminality, especially in the international sphere,
has been of great interest to me for a long time, both professionally as
well as academically. As a government lawyer for the Department of
Justice of Canada, I have been fortunate to have had a front seat during
major developments in the areas of international criminal law as well
as exclusion law. I have also been fortunate in the opportunity to move
back and forth between these two disciplines: as counsel for the Crimes
against Humanity and War Crimes Section when it was established
in ; as in-house counsel for the new War Crimes Section of the
Department of Citizenship and Immigration in ; and then, f‌inally,
returning as senior counsel to the Department of Justice in . In that
last capacity, the two strands of interest were brought together under
the title “manager of the law,” meaning that I could provide legal advice
in both international criminal law and exclusion law.
While international criminal law has been developed mostly by
international institutions in the last two decades, this is changing in
that national jurisdictions are now also starting to apply international
law concepts to domestic processes. This national approach with
respect to international crimes is even more apparent in exclusion law
as national tribunals and courts relied for the most part on their innate
sense of justice and logic to give meaning to terms used in the 
Refugee Convention, where the notion of exclusion is embedded. These
national developments are gaining importance as the interplay between
international manifestations of both international criminal law and

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