Preface to the second edition

AuthorM.H. Ogilvie
ProfessionChancellor's Professor and Professor of Law, Carleton University
In preparing the second edition of Bank and Customer Law in Canada,
the dynamic rate of cha nge in banking law over the f‌ive years since the
f‌irst edition was published in 2007 became quickly apparent. Not only
has this period seen numerous amendments to the Bank Act in 2010
and in the f‌ive-year review of 2012, but the Task Force on the Payments
System has reported, the Supreme Court has h anded down a number
of important decisions, and the e arliest third-par ty electronic payment
providers have already disappeared from the marketplace while a num-
ber of new providers and electronic payment ser vices have appeared.
In this second edition, I attempt to incorporate al l this as well a s the
usual accumulation of casel aw and scholarship over this period. I am
conscious of the description of what this book attempts to do, the mar-
ket for which it is written, and the impossibility of capturing entirely
the rapid evolution in electronic payments set out in the Preface to
the First Edition, and I adopt all that I said there here. Hopefully, this
volume will be as useful to b oth Bar and Bench as the f‌irst edition was.
Regretfully, it is now substantially more than 400 pages in lengt h! As
banking books go, thi s is still a small book in which a principles-ba sed
approach is taken to the subject.
I have incurred several debts in its preparation. First, and foremost,
to Barb Higgin s who has provided her customar y very high standards
in the word processing of new text: Barb, I am t ruly grateful for your
assistance and your wonderful sense of humour and patience through-

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