Preface to the third edition

AuthorM.H. Ogilvie
To the Third Edition
Although prefaces to subsequent editions of legal textbooks tend to be
shorter than to the earl iest editions, the gratitude of the author to those
who assisted in those e arlier editions remai ns. Little did I expect when
I wrote that f‌irst edition that there would be a third, or that I would
continue to acknowledge the help of those listed in the prefaces to t he
f‌irst and second editions. Nor would I have expected to f‌ind t hat what
I wrote in those prefaces sti ll describe s accurately the purpose s, struc-
ture, and content of this third edition. I simply reiterate here all that I
have said before, except that, of course, the law in t his third ed ition is
stated to 31 December 2009 with later additions where pos sible.
I am entirely indebted to Jeffrey Mil ler of Irwin L aw for his continu-
ing conf‌idence in this text a nd to the editors at Irwin Law, most espe-
cially Alis a Posesorski, for the f‌ine work on this and t he earlier editions.
Most especially, however, I am indebted to Marion Armstrong, who has
undertaken the word processing for th is edition with her usual high
skill and care, and to Barb Higgins, my superb secretary at Carleton
University, for ensuring that it is publisher-ready.
Of course, my husband, David Conn, deser ves my eternal thank-
fulness for his unf ailing companionship and support in this as in all
other aspects of our life together.
M.H. Ogilvie
Lent, 2010

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