Table of Statutes

AuthorKathy L. Brock/Geoffrey Hale
Table of Statutes
Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act, th Legislature,
th Session, .
An Act respecting the exercise of the fundamental rights and prerogatives of
the Québec people and the Québec State, RSQ, c E-.
An Act to give eect to the requirement for clarity as set out in the
opinion of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Quebec Secession
Reference, SC , c 
Anti-Inf‌lation Act, SC --, c 
British North America Act, ,  &  Vict, c  (UK)
British North America Act, ,  Edw VII, c  (UK)
Canada Health Act, RSC , c C-
Canada Pension Plan, RSC , c C-, online:
Canada Temperance Act, , SC , c 
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Enacted as Schedule B to the
Canada Act , , c  (UK)
Civil Code of Québec, SQ , c 
Colonial Laws Validity Act, ,  &  Vict, c 
Constitution Act, ,  &  Vict, c  (UK)
Constitutional Amendment Approval Act, RSBC , c 

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