AuthorLesley Ellen Harris
ProfessionLawyer, author, and educator
I would like to thank the numerous people who generously gave their
time and shared their expertise and knowledge in reviewing sections and
chapters in the book and responding to my e-mails; your suggestions
and knowledge are much appreciated. They include Bruce Couchman,
Elizabeth Kelly, Aidan O ’Neill, Craig Parks, and Susan Progo , as well
as people from copyright collectives, organizations, associations, and
government agencies listed in this book. And thanks to my husband for
his various input.
A Cancun vacation, a kid ’s broken leg, and serendipity led me to
Wiley publishers; thank you to Ellen Roseman for pointing me in
that direction. I would like to thank John Wiley & Sons for publishing
this book and working with me, speci cally Lauren Freestone, Karen
Milner, Brian Neill, and Lucas Wilk.
And thank you to the readers of earlier editions and those who fre-
quent my blog on copyright law; you keep me thinking about copy-
right law and encourage me to be creative in discovering and building
new ways to share what copyright law means.
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