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Although I started this book in June , it has much longer antecedents.
I was lucky to write my undergraduate political science thesis under the super-
vision of Professor Peter H. Russell on governance of police and security intelli-
gence agencies. Peter had returned to the University of Toronto aer serving as
the director of research for the McDonald Commission. In my early years as an
academic, Professor M.L. (Marty) Friedland and I spent quite a few weekends
in Niagara Falls riding around in the back of squad cars and observing very
dierent styles of policing on both sides of the border. Some of the discoveries
we made are reected in these pages. It is particularly gratifying that both Peter
and Marty, as mentors and role models, are still very active and were readers
who gave me very helpful comments on a preliminary version of this book.
From  to , I received a crash course in “high policing,” rst as a
member of Justice Dennis O’Connor’s research advisory committee for his
Commission of Inquiry into the Activities of Canadian Ocials in Relation
to Maher Arar and then as Justice Jack Major’s research director for his Com-
mission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight
. I thank both justices for their condence in me.
I also thank Justice Sidney Linden for asking me to write a research study
for the Ipperwash Inquiry and placing me on his research advisory committee.
e impact of that experience and my belief that the inquiry provided a sound
foundation for police government relations are reected in these pages.
I am also grateful to the Canadian Council of Academies, a little-known
but amazing institution, for including me rst on their expert panel on poli-
cing and then on their expert panel on policing Indigenous communities
from  to . I learned much from all of my panel members, including
those who have devoted their scholarly lives to the study of policing and those
who have served as police leaders. Special thanks to Justice Stephen Goudge
and Kim Murray, who served as chairs of the respective panels.

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