AuthorAri Kaplan, Mitch Frazer
The authors would like to acknowledge the following for their contribu-
tions to the second edition of Pension Law.
Ari Kaplan
It goes without saying that a project of this magnitude involves the
effort, assista nce, and gratitude of numerous individuals. The f‌irst edi-
tion of this book was originally wr itten between 2002 and 2005 while
I was an associ ate and later a partner at the law f‌i rm of Koskie Minsky
LLP in Toronto. The f‌irm provided its support. I would like to acknowl-
edge the f‌irm and in particular the law yers in the pension and benef‌its
group. Within this group I must single out three i ndividuals: my legal
assistant Sara Starr, on whose sense of organiz ation my law practice
relies; my colleague Robyn Matlin, who proofread and edited the f‌irst
edition manuscript; and my l aw partner Mark Zigler, who served as my
mentor at the f‌irm and read an early dr aft of my manuscript.
The impulse to write thi s book crystallized during 2001 while I was
completing my LLM in admini strative law at Osgoode Hall Law S chool.
I would like to acknowledge Professor Lorne Sossin of the University
of Toronto Faculty of Law, who coordinated that program and who
encouraged me to expand the scope of my thesis paper into a book
manuscript. I would also li ke to thank Madam Justice Eileen Gillese
of the Ontario Court of Appeal, who gave me similar words of encour-
agement and who put me in touch with the f‌irst-rate publishing team
at Irwin Law. Jeff Miller and Al isa Posesorski from Ir win Law ea rn a

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