Foreword to the first Edition

AuthorAri Kaplan, Mitch Frazer
To the First Edition
Pension law is fascinat ing. At a human level, its impact on a rapidly
aging population cannot be overestimated. At a legal level, the chal-
lenge posed by issues in the f‌ield of pension law is unparalleled. Two
factors contribute to this challenge.
First, as a newly emerging area of law, its structure is not fully es-
tablished. Until that occurs, the predictability one needs and e xpects
from the legal system cannot be had. The ta sk of putting structure into
this area is made more diff‌icult by the fact that pen sion law is the inter-
section of a number of areas of law including contract s, trusts, labour
and employment, f‌iduciaries, and the Charter, all made more compli-
cated by an overlay of statutory regulat ion.
Second, pension law requires a per son to analyze any given issue
from two very different perspectives. On the one hand, pension law
issues must be understood from a broad theoretic al perspective. On the
other hand, no understanding will be complete or accurate without a
descent into a morass of complicated, often-conf‌licting, deta il.
Even a brief consideration of these factors explains the burning
need for a single text on pension law to which one can tur n for educa-
tion and assistance. Until now, there has been no such text. Ari Ka-
plan’s Pension Law f‌ills t he void.
Ari Kaplan ha s written a book that provide s a framework within
which to understand pension law. It is balanced and comprehensive
in its treatment of the is sues. But, in addition, the book explain s and
explores the detailed considerations that underlie each issue. An enor-

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