Foreword to the Second Edition

AuthorAri Kaplan, Mitch Frazer
To the Second Edition
Pension law is an example of how an area of law ca n quickly develop
and emerge as a major subject; not just for lawyers, but also particul arly
for employees, employers, and professional advisers. But even more im-
portant is the cha llenge to society; generally, how it responds to the
myriad of policy alternatives and approaches for the design and imple-
mentation of legislation that is requi red to cover the f‌ield satisfactorily.
Pension law, like other legal regimes such as taxation, builds on num-
erous other legal subjects to make pension is sues even more complex.
Consequently, changes in those foundational subjects call for corres-
ponding pension law adjustments, as can fundamental ch anges in the
economic environment of Canada, as we have recently w itnessed.
The f‌irst edition of Pension Law has met with g reat success. Apart
from being the f‌irst text on the subject, it has been cited by various
tribunals a nd by all levels of court in Canada, and many authors fre-
quently referred to it in secondary comment ary. The f‌ield is a dynamic
one, with many signif‌icant judicial and legislative developments oc-
curring in t he six years since the f‌irst edition. For example, there have
been four pivotal decisions by the Supreme Court of Canada, and t he
introduction of major reforms to pension legislation across t he country.
Arguably, the 2008 economic recession was of paramount import-
ance as an impetus for a second edition. This wa s without doubt a major,
unprecedented, intervening event that tested the coherence, integrity,
and adequacy of the pension legal environment. The impact of that oc-
currence was huge; hardly any entit y of any signif‌icant size e scaped the

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