Foreword to the First Edition

AuthorPeter Cory
to the First Edition
Jeff Berry man has written an excellent te xt that will be of very great value
to Judges, Lawyers, and Student s. This book is extre mely well orga niz ed
and written w ith commendable clarit y. It provided an instructive and
interesting weekend of read ing for me.
There can be no doubt that we are very much par t of a global economy.
More and more Canadian s are transacting inter nationally. The importance
of interim injunctions in com mercial matters is re cognized in th is book.
What must be establi shed is set out clearly and in logical order. Simila rly
the relatively recent arr ival of Mare va injunctions is well set out. They
have an obvious signi f‌icance to all those doing business i n other countries.
Their history and the re quirements which applicant s must satisfy a re care-
fully rev iewed. Simi larly Anton Piller injunctions and their importance i n
relation to documents are c arefully considered.
Injunctive relief will be sought with ever increasi ng frequency as
Canadian s extend their inter national busine ss activities. Thi s text, with
its scholarly historic al review, is presented wit h an excellent mixture of aca-
demic learning a nd orderly pragmatism. It wi ll be an invaluable re source
for all members of the profession.
I have stressed t he chapters dealing w ith injunctions becau se they
are so very import ant and topical. Yet there are other aspect s of equit-
able relief, such as specif‌ic per formance, that are set out wit h the same
orderly clarity th at makes thi s book such a delight to read. It will be a
cherished addition to ever y legal library.
The Honourable Peter Cory, Q.C.

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