AuthorGeorge Takach
ProfessionAdjunct Professor
Access to Information Act
equivalent of U.S. “Freedom of
Information” laws, 325
generally, 325
override of copyright in U.S., 326n
Act Respecting the Protection of Per-
sonal Information in the Private
Sector (Quebec), 327
“1-click” patent, 138n
Canada’s book retail or ownership
policy, 385n
new business model, 63n
and the Internet, 305n
Internet libel, 643
law to prohibit, 310
right to, 310n
smart cards, 409
Anticircumvention, see Digital Rights
Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection
Act (U.S.), 187
Anti-Terrorism Act, 2001, 296n
Antitrust, see Competition Law
Anton Piller Order
described, 134, 188n
CIRA domain name dispute
resolution process, 195n
contrasted with class action
proceedings, 570
contrasted with regular court
procedure, 132
EDI claims, 561
UDRP domain name dispute
resolution process, 189
Artificial Intelligence, see Expert systems
B2B, 62n
B2B exchanges
as new business model, 62n
competition law, 442
electronic negotiable instrument,
electronic payment systems, 407
Internet banking, 407
money laundering, 46n, 408, 655
smart cards, 407n
impact on software licences, 423
source code escrow, 482
whether computer a necessity in a
personal bankruptcy, 66n
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act,see Bank-
Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 (U.S.),
see Bankruptcy
Barlow, John Perry
views on copyright law, 163
views on encryption, 364n
views on regulating the Internet, 396
Berne Convention
described, 124
software, 145
authenticating transactions, 541n
fishes and loaves parable, 77
generally, 549–50n
Ontario’s e-commerce law, 537
Harvard mouse case, 140
patents, 144n
trade secrets, 87n
Breach of Confidence, see also Trade
and privacy, 312
doctrine described, 84
book retailer ownership policy, 385n
Canadian content, 377
constitutional jurisdiction, 380, 382
convergence, 371, 386
CRTC New Media decision, 170
CRTC regulation of the Internet, 369
history, 26
regulation of, 367
regulations against hate speech, 261n
video-on-demand, 379, 389
Broadcasting Act,see also Broadcasting
generally, 372
policy objectives, 373
Business Corporations Act (Canada)
electronic notices, 406
electronic share registers, 612
Business Method Patents, see Software
Business Practices Act (Ontario), 409
Business Software Alliance, see Software
DMCA, 167
Tariff 22 decision, 173n
Canadian Alliance Against Software
Theft, see Software piracy
Canadian Human Rights Act, 264
Canadian National Policy 11-201, 400,
CDRP, see Cybersquatting
Child Online Protection Act (U.S.), 259
Child Pornography, see Pornography
Child Pornography Protection Act (U.S.),
Chip Protection Law
contrasted with patents and copy-
right, 107
Integrated Circuit Topography Act, 107
reciprocal international protection,
Chips, see also Chip Protection Law
defects in, 68n
described, 19
Moore’s Law, 19n, 21n
theft and counterfeiting, 211n
described, 180n
Civil Code (Quebec)
libel, 622n
Class Actions
contrasted with arbitration, 570
digital rights, 452
misleading advertising, 433n
Click-Consent Agreements
for software, 450
for web sites, 565
rationale for, 65
Communications Decency Act (U.S.), 258
Competition Act (Canada), see Competi-
tion Law
Competition Law
abuse of dominant position, 435
B2B exchanges, 442
bid rigging, 430
Competition Bureau, 433
Competition Tribunal, 435
computer networks, 436
conspiracy, 429
contests, 670
coordination of international
enforcement, 428
e-mail admissions in Microsoft case,
“essential facility” intellectual prop-
erty, 437n
exclusive dealing, 438, 439
generally, 427
independent service organizations,
interface between intellectual
property and competition
laws, 428, 429
market restriction, 438
merger provisions, 441
Microsoft antitrust litigation, 428n
misleading advertising, 433
742 COmputer Law

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