AuthorDavid M. Paciocco/Lee Stuesser/Palma Paciocco
As a young evidence professor, I agreed, along with my University
of Ottawa colleague Lee Stues ser the best law teacher I have ever
encountered to collaborate on an evidence textbook for the student
market. We attempted to simplify, and record concisely, the main rules
and principles of the law of evidence, and to ex plain the basic concepts
of evidence to law students. The book quickly became popula r with
lawyers and judges, who proved to want more than just an acce ssible
catalogue of the authority th at is most frequently needed in the conduct
of trials or hear ings. They too appreciated the basic instruction the
book provided. As I began to practise frequently, we identified areas
of evidence law that required pa rticular focus, both to better serve the
professional market and to enhance t he relevance of what was being
taught to evidence students across Can ada. When, many years ago, the
National Judicial Institute adapted t his book to assist in judicial educa-
tion, our success in straddli ng those two markets wa s affirmed.
Together, Lee and I prepared seven editions. Each of t hose editions
profited from Lee’s pedagogy, his concision, his fluid knowledge of the
law of several jurisd ictions, his pragmatism, and his ability to focus on
what matters. Lee has now chosen to ret ire from the book. I want to
thank him for the in spiration he provided, for his immense contribu-
tion, but mostly for his friendship. I also want to wish him the best in
his retirement.
As Lee wound down his career, another career was winding up.
Commencing with the cur rent edition, I am now working on this book

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