AuthorJohn Hollander
chapter seven
   cannot be planned. By the
rules of professional conduct, lawyers are prohibited
from discussing the case with their witness after the com-
mencement of cross-examination. at leaves no room
for preparation of the witness for a specic redirect.
During preparation, the lawyer can tell the expert
that redirect is allowed so that the expert can explain or
expand on matters that arise during cross-examination.
During the cross-examination, the expert can send an
alert to the direct examiner of the need for redirect by
using language like, “May I explain,” “at was not what
I said,” or “Not really.” In each case, the direct examiner
can either raise an objection at the time or raise the sub-
ject during redirect.
e rule against “splitting the case” prohibits leaving
some important evidence for the redirect. It has to come
out during the direct, or not at all. Consider this redirect
sequence, which appears all too often:
: What was the result of your examination
of the plainti?

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