Sample Set of Provincial Statutes Pertaining to Land Use

AuthorHoward Epstein
While there are usual ly two or three main provincial statute s governing
land use at the municipal level, and likew ise at the provincial level, the
complete set of land-use statutes in any province is extensive. Some
statutes touch only partia lly on land use or their provisions are per-
ipheral to the topic. It is necessary, however, to become familiar with
all of the statutes that may affect land use so th at a complete picture is
The statutes will ty pically be of the following categories:
1) general planning, for example, a Planning Act, a Municip al Gove rn-
ment Act;
2) particul ar municipal charters, for example, Vancouver City Charter;
3) property law, for example, a Property Act, an Expropriation Act;
4) special planning a reas, for example, Niagara Escarpment Act;
5) special subjects, for example, a Shopping Centre Development Act;
6) governance, for example, a Municipal Conf‌lict of Interest Act;
7) environmental matters, for example, an Environment Act, an Endan-
gered Species Act;
8) natural resources and agriculture, for example, an Agri cult ural
Operations Protection Act, a Mines Act;
9) heritage, for example, a Heritage Property Act; and
10) mi scellaneous provincia l powers, for example, a Provincial Parks Act.
The following list is of Alberta st atutes as a sample set. The ref-
erences are to the Revised Stat utes of Alberta, 2000, unless otherwise

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