About the Author

AuthorGib van Ert
About the Author
Gib van Ert practices civil and public law litigation with Hunter Litiga-
tion Chambers, Vancouver. He holds a BA i n history from McGil l Uni-
versity, an M A in law from the University of Cambridge, and an LLM
from the University of Toronto. He is a former law clerk to Madam Jus-
tice Prowse of the Court of Appeal for British Columbia and to Justices
Gonthier and Fish of the Supreme Court of Canada . He has publi shed
numerous articles on the domestic reception of public international
law and is the co-author (with M ark Freeman) of International Human
Rights Law (Irwin Law, ). e f‌irst edition of Using International
Law in Ca nadian Courts was publ ished by Kluwer L aw International in

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