Preface to the second edition

AuthorGib van Ert
Preface to the second
No book can ever be f‌ini shed. W hile working on it we learn just
enough to f‌ind it immatu re the moment we turn away from it.
— Karl Popper, preface to the rev ised edition of
e Open Society and it s Enemies ()
ough this b ook was f‌irst published in , most of the writing was
done in  and . Our understanding of how international law
applies in Canada has grown in that time, due to an upswing in interest
from academics, lawyers, government, and the courts. ere ha s been
much to add, and much to revise, in preparing this second ed ition.
Apart from updating t he book with recent cases and developments,
I have reorganized it and expa nded certain discussions i nto sepa rate
chapters. I have also si gnif‌icantly revised the hum an rights discussion
to take into account both recent jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of
Canada a nd my more thorough study of that area with Mark Freeman
in International Human R ights Law (Toronto: Irwin Law, ). Last ly I
have rewr itten many passages, having discovered (to my chagrin) the
truth in Dr Popper’s observation.
I h ave a lready noted that since this book was f‌irst published t he
issues discussed in it have received much scholarly attention. I have had
the good fortune to be a part of many of these debates, whether in print,
at conferences, or just over e-mail. I have benef‌ited enormously from
these exchanges, as I hope this second edition will show. My views have
sometimes changed , and even where they have not I have developed a
deeper appreciation of the other side of the argument. I have received a

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