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Agreement Common sy nonym for treaty.
Convention Common synonym for treaty, especi ally for large multi-
lateral treaties (for example, Convention on the Ri ghts of the C hild
) or, in bil ateral relations, treaties of a technical nature (for ex-
ample, Canada-Sweden Double Taxation Convention ).
Conventional international law A source of international law con-
sisting of international ag reements concluded between states and gov-
erned by internationa l law. See Treaty.
Custom or customary international law A source of internationa l
law proved by consistent state practice combined with opinio juris.
General principles of law A source of international law frequently
found by reference to the domestic laws of “civilized n ations.
Implementation e process by which treaties are given direct ef‌fect
in Canadia n law by primary or secondary leg islation.
Incorporation e process by which customary international law i s
given direct ef‌fect b y the common law. Sometimes also used as a sy no-
nym for implementation.
International law See Public internationa l law.
Judicial decisions A subsidi ary means for the determination of rules of
international law. May be decisions of the Internationa l Court of Justice
and other international adjud icative bodies, or of domestic courts.

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