Judicial Recount

AuthorGregory Tardi
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CEA: Pursuant to section  of the Act, if the dierence between the
number of votes cast for the candidate with the most votes and the num-
ber cast for any other candidate is less than ⁄ of the votes cast, the
returning ocer must make a request to a judge for a recount.
Pursuant to section  of the Act, within four days following the
issue of the certif‌icates of the votes cast by the returning ocer, an elec-
tor may apply to a judge for a recount. For these purposes, “judge” is
def‌ined at section  of the Act. In each province and territory, it refers to
a judge of the superior court of f‌irst instance.
Pursuant to section () of the Act, a recount must be held within
four days after the judge receives the application.
Pursuant to section , a recount shall proceed continuously. As
recount of votes is urgent for the sake of certainty of results, it has f‌irst
priority on the judicial calendar.
RECOUNT: Pursuant to Part  of the Canada Elections Act, the validation
of the votes in each electoral district is the responsibility of the Returning
Ocer. In this sense, validation consists of the arithmetic addition of
the results provided to the Returning Ocer by the Deputy Returning
Ocers, each of whom were in charge of a single poll within the electoral

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