Key Internal Stakeholders: Administration

AuthorCheryl Foy
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Key Internal Stakeholders:
University administrators are all those employees whose functions sup-
port directly or indirectly the teaching and scholarship activities of the
university. ose functions include human resources, student support and
services, nance, legal, facilities management, research support, campus
security, campus health, advancement (fundraising), communications, gov-
ernment relations, and many more. Administration is divided into two
classes: academic administrators and administrators. Academic adminis-
trators typically are faculty members who have risen through the ranks to
take on the leadership role of an academic function within the university.
e president is the most senior administrator presiding over both aca-
demic and administrative activities of the university. e leadership team
is that group of employees comprising both academic and administrative
leaders reporting to the president, and reporting to those who report to the
president. Administrative employees employed in university support func-
tions such as human resources, student support and services, nance,
legal, and so on — are similar to employees working in those roles across
other sectors. e president and the leadership team have an important role
to play in the governance of the university.

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