AuthorMohan Prabhu
This book provides an overview of Canada’s import and export laws and is
intended as a primer, in user-friendly language, to assist individuals and f‌irms
engaged in Canada’s international trade, as well as exporters of goods to Can-
ada and their governments.
While the book does not cover all federal statutes in the f‌ield, it does
provide a fairly comprehensive description of nearly a score of major ones,
grouping them in three categories.
The f‌irst group consists of four major statutes, each under its own chap-
ter. The f‌irst three, the Customs Act, the Customs Tarif‌f, and the Special Im-
port Measures Act, come within the administration of the Minister of Public
Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Canada Border Services Agency
(the CBSA), for which that Minister is political head, while the Minister of
Finance has the responsibility for deciding rates of customs tarif‌f. The fourth
statute, the Export and Import Permits Act, is administered by the Minister of
Foreign Af‌fairs and International Trade and is enforced by its ocers as well
as by ocers of the CBSA.
The second group also has four statutes but is covered in a single chap-
ter. These cover exports (the Export Act) and both exports and imports (the
Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Inter-
provincial Trade Act, the Cultural Property Export and Import Act, and the Ex-
port and Import of Rough Diamonds Act).
The third is the largest group and is also covered in a single chapter.
There are nine statutes in this group, regulating entire sectors of the econ-
omy, and all include provisions with respect to both exports and imports.
The statutes cover such diverse f‌ields as agriculture, animals and animal

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