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Samples 81
The following samples are provided to assist students and new lawyers in the preparation of their
resumés and cover letters, to help them develop well-constructed responses to frequently-asked job
interview questions, to provide them with guida nce when they are choosing their career paths, and to
help them organize their work once they have jobs.
Sl Rm n Anls
The sample resumé and cover letter are each followed by an in-depth analysis that ex plains, on a line-
by-line basis, what should be included in an effective job application. Note that the numbered lines
on the sample resumé correspond to the numbered entries in the resumé analysis, and that the num-
bered lines on the sample cover letter correspond to the numbered entries in the cover letter analysis.
The sample resumé and cover letter need not be followed to the letter; you should adjust them to suit
your individual situation and goals.
law f‌irm recruitment in canada
Perfect Student 1
7 Rental Avenue, City, Postal Code
(789) 123-4567 2 3
Education 20xx–(20xx) Full Name of Law School 4
Bachelor of Laws Candidate 5
20xx Admitted to Business Progra m 6
20xx Duty Counsel — Legal Aid Name 7
20xx Junior Edit or of Law Journal
20xx ABC Entrance Scholarship 8
20xx C anadian Securities Certif‌icate 9
20xx–20xx Full Name of University
Honours Bachelor of Arts 10
Major in Economics with a Minor in Asian Studies 11
20xx Athletic Award and Faculty Sc holar
199x University Entrance Scholarship (Renewable)
Work Summer 20xx Y MCA, City 12
Experience Computer Camp Counselor 13
Computer day camp for low-income families 14
Responsible for 25 campers 15
Summer 20xx Ban k of Montreal, City
Ba nk Te ller
Responsible for over $25,000 daily in transac tions 16
Bilingual bra nch (English and Urdu) 17
Continuing part-t ime during law school (20xx–20xx) 18
Summer 20xx Rem ax Realtron, City
Reception and Webposting Clerk
Responsible for daily MLS postings
Responsible for customer service 19

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