Third Year

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Third Year 43
Third Year
Begng Yr Arcng Jb Serc
Articlin g applications and interviews occur in many provinces soon after second-year exams, so it is
important to be up to date with the regulations and timing mandated by the province’s law society
where you intend to article. Most career services off‌ices will host programs in t he winter term of your
second year to guide you through the process.
primary research
Before you embark on a job search, it is important to develop a plan. Working from a plan wil l keep
you organized, help you manage your time, and ensure that you do not miss a stage. Every time you
develop a new plan for a job search, you will become more eff‌icient and, as a result, you will be more
likely to achieve your goals. It will be helpful if you begin to make your plan by composing a list that
identif‌ies the key stages and components of your job search. This list will be simi lar to the type of list
you will make when you embark on legal research on behalf of a client. Good research begins at your
desk with a plan and a list.
1. Career services resources. For art icling job research, your primary resources will likely be any publi-
cations offered through your career services off‌ice. T hese publications include an articling hand-
book, a career guide, and a website with job postings, or printouts of job listings. These resources
will be the foundation for your research. Surprising ly, there is no master list of all of the art icling
employers throughout Canada, and provincially, this is also the case. As a result, any list gener-
ated by your law school, or by you, will need to be supplemented with more independent research.
If your law school does not have a formal career services off‌ice, it will probably have a student-run
articling of f‌ice with similar resources.

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