Public Policy and Legal Challenges Ahead

AuthorMaureen McTeer
[  ]
– chapter sixteen –
Public Policy and Legal
Challenges Ahead
e current federal legislation that governs assisted human reproduction
(AHR) and many types of embryo research will inevitably become inad-
equate to handle the new and emerging technologies and reproductive
practices. e two areas covered in this book — namely, AHR and embryo
research create intriguing challenges that need to be addressed in Par-
liament. In this chapter, some of the more pressing issues are discussed.
In March , peer-reviewed papers were published in the journal Nature
conrming that human blastocyst-like structures could assemble them-
selves unaided from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs). Referred to
as blastoids, they can also assemble themselves from induced pluripotent
stem cells (iPSCs) as well. A blastocyst is formed between the fth and
ninth days of early embryonic development in mammals and consists
of an inner cell mass that will become the embryo and an outer layer (a
trophoblast) that develops into the placenta.
In May , a team comprising members from the University of
Exeter and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom announced

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