AuthorJohn Hollander
   part of the Young Advocates Series.
Irwin Law demonstrated the vision to support a series of
practical handbooks aimed at lawyers looking to develop
skills largely ignored by law schools and bar associa-
tions, and at a price within reach of young lawyers still
saddled with student loans. In particular, Irwin Law’s Alisa
Posesorski and John Sawicki have been instrumental in
turning this vision into reality.
Finally, the energy, enthusiasm, and talent of the mem-
bers of the Advocacy Club and my classes at the University
of Ottawa’s Common Law Section deserve acknowledge-
ment. ey have endured the constant trial and error that
goes into teaching in a novel method. Some of the exercises
were less than wonderful, but the Club members met each
challenge with good cheer, collegiality, and imagination.

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