Introduction. How to Teach Courtroom Examination Techniques

AuthorJohn Hollander
how to teach courtroom examination techniques
how to teach courtroom examination techniques
How to Teach Courtroom
Examination Techniques
   value of a good war story? Experienced law-
yers love to tell them, after work hours, with a glass of beer.
Young lawyers love to listen to them. Or do they?
In the English system of legal training, barristers had
to attend dinners at their Inn of Court to qualify for the
bar. is medieval tradition arose in the seventeenth cen-
tury or earlier and was scrapped only recently. In eect,
this practice institutionalized the tradition of war stories.
Is that all there is to learning the tricks of the litigation
trade? e fact is that two components are essential to
succeed in any trade: technique and practice, and neither
of these components can be taught by war stories. at
wonderful question counsel used to elicit just the right
answer at just the right moment? at will never recur. If
it does, the young litigator will recognize the opportunity
only after having missed it.
is is the seventh handbook in the Young Advocates
Series. It deals with the rough and tumble of examina-
tions that occur during civil trials, both direct and cross.
is handbook, indeed the entire Young Advocates Series,
provides practical techniques for the novice litigator.

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