AuthorJames G. Wigmore
I would like to acknowledge my colleagues Karen Woodall and Rob
Langille, who have joined me in retirement to continue the wonderful
journey of the discovery of forensic toxicology, especially of alcohol,
cannabis, and tobacco. I would also like to acknowledge my dear, won-
derful, and am azing spouse Penelope, without whom none of this would
be possible.
I would also like to acknowledge the Toronto Public Library sys-
tem, which is the largest public library system in Canada with  local
branches throughout the city. It is the largest neighborhood-based library
system in the world. To those living or working in Toronto all its services
are free. I was also able to give numerous free lectures to the public in its
branches about alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine (especially vaping). The
lectures were very helpful to me in thinking and questioning about these
drugs and their role in the public at large.
Finally, I would also like to acknowledge my publisher, Irwin Law, the
only independent legal publisher in Canada, for its many years of support,
and its terrif‌ic editors and designers, Danna Petersen-Deeprose, Lesley
Steeve, and Heather Raven.

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