Appendix IV: Federal Court's Coat of Arms

AuthorMartine Valois/Ian Greene/Craig Forcese/Peter McCormick
[ 651 ]
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Federal Courts Coat of Arms1
: e structure and colour of the shield symbolize the robes of Federal
Court judges, black with gold panels. e scrolls, at the centre of the shield,
symbolize important documents of the law, including the Constitution, the
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, treaties with aboriginal peoples, stat-
utes, international instruments, and jurisprudence. ese and other recog-
nized sources of law come together, shown here by the use of the cord, in the
written decisions of the Court.
: e scales are an ancient symbol for justice, indicating the careful
weighing of evidence before decisions are taken. Its maple leaf emphasizes
that the Federal Court is a national institution. e crown of maple leaves
and f‌leurs-de-lis provides a symbol of the civil code and the common law.
: e motto “Droit, Equity, Admiralty” derives from the Court’s statu-
tory mandate and emphasizes the Court’s bilingual nature. e Federal Courts
Act, R.S.C. , c. F- (s. ) describes the Federal Court as a court of law,
equity and admiralty. e positioning of DROIT in the centre of the scroll
suggests the supremacy of the rule of law.
1 “The Federal Court’s Coat of Arms,Federal Court, online:

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