T   years in the maki ng and over the course of that
period we have accumulated many debts of gratitude.
This project was modelled on an earlier Osgoode Societ y collection, Work
on TrialCanadian Labour Law Struggles, which in tur n was inspired by an
American series of works devoted to the underlying history of leading cases
in variouselds Assembling a collection ofCanadia npropert ylaw micro
historieswasthebrainc hildofEricTuckerwhocoeditedthelabourlawcol
lection (along with Judy Fudge). The lessons from that endeavour were of great
benetintheconceptualizat iondevelopmentandcompletionofthisbook
This was both an individual and collective project. The editors compiled
a list of potential case studies, but the authors were given considerable scope
tothe volumemetat theUniversityof Albertai nEdmontonfor atwoday
intensive workshop. Major funding for this event was provided by a grant
awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanit ies Research Council of Can
ada. The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta provided additional
During the workshop sessions, draft chapters were ci rculated, presented,
and critiqued, and plans for the project as a whole were discu ssed. The
papers were presented not by the authors, but rather by commentators. Most
were graduate students in law or history; several were undergraduates; some
members of law faculties. We are grateful to all of those who assumed th is

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