Whither the Reasonable Expectations of Privacy?

AuthorAvner Levin
Avner Levin*
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
This chapterproposes anew wayof legallythi nking aboutreasonable
expectations ofprivacyso that thelegal norms formulatedby our Su
premeCourt and appliedby it anda llou rlower courts reachabeer
twitht henormsa ndexpectation sofCan adiansItproposesthatpr i
vacyexpectations shouldbebasedrsta ndforemostonafu lledged
righttoprivacyratherthanjustonsection oftheC harter of Rights and
FreedomsSuch a right woulda ndshould be read into the Charter by
alreadyaward privacy a quasiconstitutiona lstat usS econdour legal
normsparticularlyin therapidlyevolvingareaofprivacyandtec hnol
ogyshouldevolvesothattheyr eectsocietal normsoverexpectation s
ofprivacyTherea reareas ofhuman rightswhere thelaw pridesitself
the moresof society such ast heyar ebutprivacy law shouldnot be
oneof those areasI nfact the rightto privacyinour societywhet her
 ProfessorLawandBusinessRyers onUniversity

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