AuthorJohn Eaton; Denis Le May
ProfessionLibrarian & Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba/Avocat, Barreau du Québec, Conseiller à la documentation en droit (1975?2006) et Chargé de cours, Faculté de droit, Université Laval
A subset of intellectual property, trade marks are symbols or sayings associated with a par-
ticular brand or service and are protected by the federal Trade-marks Act and the registration
of trade-marks with the Register of Trade-marks. There has been a substantial increase in
research activity in this topic with the advent of the internet and the possibilities it presents
for the infringement of copyright, and other issues related to domain names (such as cyber-
squatting). This is an entirely federal area of activity, but there is a substantial body of caselaw
associated with the subject. Related topics: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW.
Sous-ensemble de la propriété intellectuelle, le droit des marques de commerce couvre spéci-
f‌iquement les noms des produits et des entreprises qu’on veut protéger par la loi. Le droit des
AFFAIRES s’intéresse à ces notions analogues au droit d’AUTEUR.
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